mikewellsmastering.com/ proud to support Safer Gambling Week

Safer gambling Week

Safer Gambling Week will run from 1st November to 7th November and for the fourth year running, mikewellsmastering.com/ are proud to support this industry-led event.

Backed once again by organisations such as BACTA (British Amusement Catering Trade Association), BGC (Betting & Gaming Council) and BA (Bingo Association), this project was launched back in 2017 under the guise ‘Responsible Gambling Week’, however it was completely rebranded as ‘Safer gambling Week’ in 2020. Now in its fourth year, the aim of the week-long event is to spark a nationwide campaign which promotes conversation with regard to betting and gambling responsibly and safely.

The success of the project is illustrated by the fact that the 2020 event saw the number of social media impressions rise by an impressive 19% to over 19 million, this despite the complete closure of amusement arcades, bingo halls, casinos and betting shops as a direct result of the Covid19 restrictions for many months.


The main aim of Safer Gambling Week is to drive awareness of the following:


  • How to gamble safer and more responsibly
  • Available tools designed to help people to gamble safer through the year
  • What sources of help, advice and support are available


All venues and betting websites will be providing extensive information on safer gambling during the week-long event.



What is Safer Gambling?

The best way to explain this is to first ask what gambling is. This may seem an obvious question at first but it needs to be fully understood. Quite simply it is a form of entertainment where you pay money and hopefully have some fun, just like buying a ticket for the football or theatre. The big difference here is that you are playing games with a chance of winning something in return. Nevertheless while winning may be your main goal, more often than not you are going to come away disappointed. Clearly you cannot be guaranteed a winning return each and every time, that wouldn’t be gambling, it would just be a purchase of a service or product. Gambling is fun for many because of the chance to win, however this is what also makes gambling a big risk.

Safer and responsible gambling effectively means that you know all the risks involved and you are able to deal with, and more importantly able to afford, the chances of losing. It also means that gambling isn’t taking over your life, diminishing your savings or leading you to ignore your friends and family.

If you feel that your gambling is getting out of control or you simply want advice, click on the Gambleaware or Gamcare links below.


Gamble Responsibly. Know the signs

Gambling should always be a fun activity and should never be seen as a way to make money.


Only ever spend what you can afford


Set limits for time and money


Never put gambling before friends or family